Thursday, December 15, 2016

Youth Work is Leading With

I believe that the YIA model is very important and should be used everywhere.  This model allows the youth to lead with which means they have a say in what's going on.  They are no just being ordered to do something; they can voice their opinion and make a change.  It should never be just the teacher having control of the classroom and the kids have no say in what is going on.  In fact if the kids do have input then they are much more likely to pay attention and show a lot more respect to the teacher.  The youth likes this model because it makes them feel like their opinion actually matters. Everybody has their own opinions and own ideas so they should be able to share and contribute with the class.
I can relate to this because I do much better in classrooms where the youth gets to lead with the teacher.  Having options for a students is huge and when we know that what we say and how we feel actually matters, we have way more respect for that teacher.  I have had teachers before who do not care how I do or what I am doing and it shows.  Those teachers do not get respect from the students and usually rarely pay attention.

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