Friday, December 16, 2016

Stringing it all Together

If somebody asked me, "What is Youth Development?" this is what I would tell them:

Youth Development is a major at Rhode Island College that provides you with an opportunity to lead with the youth.  In this major you take non profit studies, social work, and education classes.  You also get to chose your own minor.  In your final year you get to go out into the field and do a 180 internship of your choice and interest and apply all the information and skills you have learned this far.  You learn that the youth are so important to work with and really rely on you to be there for them.  They get taught in the classroom then later go home to their family but that time in between then are not getting any attention.  This is where we as youth workers come in and help them with academics, social skills, life skills, and help them find themselves.  When you graduate from this major you can work at a YMCA, an after school program, youth sports director, community program coordinator and much more.  It is such an important and rewarding program that helps the youth better themselves and their communities.   

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