Thursday, December 15, 2016

Color Blind or Color Brave

In this TED talk Mellody talked about race and racism.  She talked about her own life experiences and how she was treated differently because of her race.  One example she talked about was she went to a birthday party and when she came home her mom asked her how she was treated instead of how was is, or did you have fun and at the time she didn't understand why her mom was asking her that.
One key point that she makes is that racism has to be addressed and talked about in order for change.  Many people feel uncomfortable talking about racism so they do not bring it up and if it is brought up then they change the topic or don't say anything.  Acting like it doesn't exist isn't a good thing because it does exist and needs to be changed.  Another thing is we should not ignore the fact that people are different races and ethnicity which is what this ted talk made me think about as well.  I know so many people who say, "I don't see color."  I don't like when people say that because first of all it's not true unless you're color blind and second why would you want to ignore someone's whole culture?  Color s beautiful, there's more to it than just the pigment of someone's skin.  I understand what someone is saying when they say that; basically they are saying that it doesn't matter to me what color your skin is, I am not going to treat you any differently, therefore I don't see color.  When someone says that though, I don't think they really realize all that that statement entitles and people can actually find that offensive.

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